This charm keeps you invisible for 10 minutes

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Like the other rsorder two, excpet it takes 8 seconds for your victim to grow. Additionally, doing more harm than the others. This however, such as 72 mage, needs you to be wearing the Amulet mentioned up top. After throw upon your own victim, they will drop and whatever you hit divided by two is the ammount of seconds it'll take for that person to get up. In addition, it will do more damage than the others recorded. Along with 76 mage, you will be asked to wear the Amulet.

Having an intimidating name, it will quite as much harm as it seems it would. Four orbs of wind, ground, water, and fire create impact with your unfortunate victim. Willing to hit up to 5 each orb, this is a rather useful and potent spell. Requires Amulet and 85 mage.

The"ghost" tactics your prey and reaches"to" them whilst doing this, is actually reducing their attack by 20 percent, Power by 20 percent, Defence 20 percent, and whether or not they're using prayer, it takes away 7 factors of it.

F.O.G. Find Full: This spell, unlike the minimal Locate, brings you straight to your victim. Though this spell is useful, it ought to be used only when needed since it warms the Amulet, uses alot of runes, takes away 20 points of prayer, and combined with that 35 hipoints. Together with that, it also requires 98 mage.

Minimum Invisibility: This charm keeps you invisible for 10 minutes. This requires 72 mage along with the Amulet. Maximum Invisibility: This charm keeps you invisisble for 20 minutes. It takes 89 mage along with the 
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Amulet. Now, onto the prayer book. These are the prerequisites to purchase/use...